Monthly Archives: May 2010

Who are you Mr. Sandeep Das? 1

One of the biggest and most prestigious of concert venues in Europe. On stage…Sound check! Total no.  of artists…about 12. Sound check for an all-play piece! Sandeep Das…one of them. Nothing was going correct that sound check and it was soon to be time for the show to start. Every one had something to say […]

No….Sound Check….No…Please! 1

Many years back I was traveling through a few cities for concerts with a very good female vocalist and a harmonium player. First concert…the singer and I, had a good time, though disturbed by the loud harmonium playing. At night after dinner, the two of us sat eagerly and played the recording…Oh, My God! Where […]

12 a.m. LIFE and DEATH! 3

It was a concert I was playing at the age of 14. My Guruji, Pt. Kishan Maharaj and another famous Indian artist Pt. Mani Lal Nag were scheduled to perform after us. The singing started and I joined in. As I was about to take my first opening solo I was shocked to see Guruji […]