Stop Cheerleading….Save India! 5

Enough is enough!!!! We cannot and should not be the cheerleading  for the Commonwealth games!!!

No, it is no longer all right to sweep it all under the carpet and pretend everything is all right to the visiting guests from all over the world!

Look at the state of the city and it’s roads…We have dedicated lanes for the games vehicles…are you kidding me? Even without these lanes , everyone will agree that it is a nightmare traveling on the city roads…and with these dedicated lanes even the thought of what will happen to someone in an emergency or traveling to catch a flight is unnerving!

An individual who on the dint of her own labor is the 3rd in the world in badminton, a game dominated by the Chinese , Saina Nehwal…has to hurriedly retract her very correct assessment of the predicament of the games and say that she did not mean when she said, “No we are not ready for the games…we have nothing compared to Melbourne and Beijing” . I can only imagine the phone calls and probably even threats she and her family must have received from Mr. Kalmadi and his brethren and maybe his sister Sheila Dixshit’s,the beloved chief minister’s,  office.

To start even talking about the blatant corruption and excesses that have been committed you will probably need a life time…and more than, God knows, how many blogs…but just tell me where else in the world would a rental equipment cost 3 times more than a new one itself…!!!! Ha ha ha ,funny,unreal????

Yes,Sir, Yes, Madam,it is here in my beloved Delhi that they have rental sports equipments, like the treadmill etc for 3 times the price of a new one for the games!!!

None of the venues are ready yet? Err…how many days to go now,anyone?

Many work taken up as developmental for the city either are yet to be anywhere close to be finished or have been very majestically pronounced dead already. The announcements are simple like the one I saw in Times Of India couple of days back. MCD…which is the Municipal Corporation of Delhi has said that the beautification work of Karol Bagh and surrounding areas cannot be completed before the games and thus have been stopped!!!!

Hello,  Excuse me, what happened to the 170 crores that you have spent just on consultation on how to do these projects??? Well the fact, that four out of the 5 companies consulted by them have a one room hole of an office in some remote part of Delhi is a separate issue altogether and will make them uncomfortable.

The day this consultation thing was reported in the papers… the list itself disappeared from their website!!!!

I can go on and on…not that most Indians living here, don’t know about this but ….enough is enough and let’s let them know that they cannot get away with this …our money!!!!!!!

Let’s boycott the games and not cheerlead and tell the world that AAAL IZ WELL in this country!!!!!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Stop Cheerleading….Save India!

  • Rakesh Thapar

    simply superb… (jo hath taal thoke sakten hain they can slap in a better way too) keep it up Sandeep bhai

  • Chandan Sharma

    Dada … kee korchho. Getting political now ? They are already in deep shit, trying to cover all misdeeds and shut all the mouths including media. Be careful … we are in a democratic country but still there are lots of communists practices around.

    About me?, well, I feel sorry for this current state. This is so shameful for us as a country and also sorry for the athletes for their exposure to such sub standard environment.

    Kalmadi to gayo !

    • Sandeep

      This is not political…this is just humane! Where people cannot eat and have no right to education or anything…how long should we keep our mouths shut! I understand the risks…but you don’t know…my father gave his life for something like this and his blood runs in my veins fortunately!

  • Pravin Jha

    Though even I believe that nothing except miracle can stop us from humitity thrust upon us by Kalmadi & Co, still I feel boycotting the games is not the solution. The people have to come together to force government to work towards completion of every facilities required, so that we can proudly support the game.
    After all, why should population of billion hang its head in shame for act of few.

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