Grammy Win!

HUM celebrates the Grammy win of Sandeep Das with The Silk Road Ensemble! The album “Sing Me Home” won the Best World Music Album at the 59th Grammy Awards on 12th February 2017.  Roll of Honour | The Indian Express is sinking in now. But one has to understand that an award is not the judgement […]

On April 1, 2015, Sandeep Das will join cellist and GMW director Mike Block for a workshop and performance at DePauw University’s School of Music for Silkroad’s inaugural Global Musician Workshop.

Silk Road Project: Global Musician Workshop“As soon as you open doors and windows to something other than what you know and are specialized in, chances are you will be more successful and happier,” says Sandeep.

Sandeep Das & Kudsi Erguner : Europalia Festival

Sandeep Das will also present two unique encounters with the great Turkish musician, Kudsi Erguner, considered to be one of the masters of Mevlevi Sufi music, and one of the world’s best players of the ney. Suhail Yusuf Khan will accompnay the masters on sarangi. The concerts will be held on 26th November at Center […]

HUM-LANXESS National Scholarship For The Specially-Abled In The Field of Arts

HUM with the support of German multi national firm Lanxess launched the First National Scholarship for Specially -abled children to learn any form of art. The scholarship is formally called the HUM-LANXESS National Scholarship for the Specially-Abled. It was a long standing dream of HUM…which now stands fulfilled. HUM hopes to add new students every […]

Scholars at the Scholarship Launch

Sandeep Das in concert with EVIYAN

HUM’s Creative Director, Sandeep Das, recently performed with EVIYAN at Kresge Auditorium, MIT. Boston Globe gave glowing reviews for this concert in exploratory music. “The performance also benefited from the presence of two guests, the alert bassist Blake Newman and the tablaist Sandeep Das, whose virtuosic playing injected discreet surges of rhythmic adrenaline.” “…. these […]

Ministry Of Culture

Ministry Of Culture Function Grant Scheme Scheme of Financial Assistance for Seminars Festivals and Exhibitions on Cultural Subjects by not-for – Profit Organizations.…

HUM is honoured and proud to announce that the The Minsitry of Culture has approved HUM’s request and provided a grant for the World Harmony Concert held on 16th November 2012 at Kamani Auditorium. We sincerely thank the Ministry for recognizing and appreciating our work!

HUM Concert Announcement

Announcing Hum Ensemble Concert

HUM, after the overwhelming success of last two years, is back again with its Delhi Concert on 16th November, 2012 at the Kamani Auditorium. We would soon be announcing where and how the invites can be obtained. This year, HUM is introducing 3 international star musicians Josep Vicent, Anxo Pintos and Matt Herskowitz alongwith Cristina […]


A video of  Matt Herskowitz, at HUMs’ Noida Concert in April, presenting a Bach inspired piano composition. Watch his fingers fly!

You can watch more videos and interact with Hum, on our Facebook Page.

Harvard Ed.School 1

April 12, 2012 “Dear Sandeep Das President and Fellows of Harvard College (“Harvard” ), acting through Programs in Professional Education (“PPE”) at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, hereby presents to you this agreement to provide consulting services to PPE as a contributor in the following PPE program: Arts and Passion-Driven Learning 2012 (APL12).” This […]

Yo-Yo Ma wins Polar Prize

Congratulation to the most amazing man and inspiration of my life Yo-Yo Ma ! I just read this at the web site of the silk road project and couldn’t stop myself from sharing it with you all. On May 8, the 2012 Polar Music Prize recipients were announced: Yo-Yo Ma and Paul Simon. A prestigious […]

***** HUM ENSEMBLE***** Noida—28th April

Here is the list of International Artists and The Hum Ensemble members for this concert: Matt Herskowitz—Piano ( USA ) * Haruka Fuji———World Percussion ( Japan ) * Wu Tong————Vocal/ Sheng/ Bawu ( China ) HUM Ensemble: Mayank Raina——-Flute* Sohail Yusuf Khan–Sarangi* Bivakar Choudhury-Percussion Anil Chawla———-Keyboard Sandeep Das———Tabla * First time as members of HUM […]

Donation to Sarthak Trust by HUM

Despite heavy odds HUM was able to donate a small sum to the Sarthak trust which is doing amazing work for differently abled people. L to R : Subhojit Bose, Managing Trustee – HUM,  Amitabha Bose, COO- HUM, Dr. Jitendra – Sarthak

R.I.P Steve Jobs & Jagjit Singh

I had just finished playing my piece “Tarang” with the Silk Road Ensemble and got back to my green room when I saw Cristin, ( Yo-Yo Ma’s General Manager) looking for me. She said, “ Yo-Yo’s looking for you, he wants you to come meet this friend of his.”  I followed her to the back […]

Thank God, U r only 1% Dead !

1. Terrorist Attack : Nothing brings out the tremendous reporting and emotive skills of our journalists like a good terrorist attack. One has to just youtube videos of 26/11 and see channels like NDTV, Times Now, CNN-IBN, Aaj Tak fall over each other in dramatizing such tragic events. Mind you, they will die to be […]

“We” Made It Happen!

  When I turn around and think of it…I am amazed that it is already two years since HUM came to life. What started as a thought in Chicago is already taking shape in India. That one seed that I took from the Tree, that the Silk Road Project of Yo-Yo Ma is, is growing […]

Welcome Shane Shanahan

Shane Shanahan, is one of the best percussionists that I have met and worked with, in my life. His diversity in playing not only a variety of instruments but technique is inspirational. HUM and India welcomes him with open arms. I am sure you all will enjoy his mastery over various instruments. To know more […]

New Contact Us form

Dear All, Sorry the contact us form was not working correctly thus we were not getting your names and e mail addresses to reply back. It has been rectified. Please do keep writing to us and we will get back to you positively. Thanks, Sandeep Das

Stop Cheerleading….Save India! 5

Enough is enough!!!! We cannot and should not be the cheerleading  for the Commonwealth games!!! No, it is no longer all right to sweep it all under the carpet and pretend everything is all right to the visiting guests from all over the world! Look at the state of the city and it’s roads…We have […]

Yo-Yo Ma and World Culture !

It was my first time playing with the Silk Road Ensemble and members of the New York Philharmonic for our World Premiere Concerts. Year…probably 1998! At the end of one of the shows, Yo-Yo was throwing a dinner for all of us. (One of the Gazillion times that he has fed us poor musicians!) As […]

Famous Indian Tabla Player! 2

It was a loooong trip to Bangalore from Varanasi by train. The year was probably 1988 or 1987. One also had to change a train at Chennai and connect to Bangalore. 2 nights and God only knows how many days later I was finally at the Bangalore station. Literally waiting for my ride to the […]

Who are you Mr. Sandeep Das? 1

One of the biggest and most prestigious of concert venues in Europe. On stage…Sound check! Total no.  of artists…about 12. Sound check for an all-play piece! Sandeep Das…one of them. Nothing was going correct that sound check and it was soon to be time for the show to start. Every one had something to say […]

No….Sound Check….No…Please! 1

Many years back I was traveling through a few cities for concerts with a very good female vocalist and a harmonium player. First concert…the singer and I, had a good time, though disturbed by the loud harmonium playing. At night after dinner, the two of us sat eagerly and played the recording…Oh, My God! Where […]

12 a.m. LIFE and DEATH! 3

It was a concert I was playing at the age of 14. My Guruji, Pt. Kishan Maharaj and another famous Indian artist Pt. Mani Lal Nag were scheduled to perform after us. The singing started and I joined in. As I was about to take my first opening solo I was shocked to see Guruji […]

HUM…Power of WE ! 5

HUM means “WE” in Hindi. The Organisation HUM  is not about “You” , or “I”…it is about “US” ! It’s not about the ” ME” generation it is about the “WE” generation! It will try to deal with matters that concern us. The future of our kids, the nations and this planet Earth!!! Why HUM? […]

Thanks from HUM Ensemble to The Xander Foundation, UTI Mutual Funds,NDPL,Value Research,Entice Diamonds,Barista,Galgotia's,Planet-M and MTS kolkata…list is long! 1

HUM ensemble thanks you all for the over whelming response to it’s World Premiere concerts in Delhi and Kolkata. We already have some great pics. Check them out. More pics and video from the concerts soon… We are grateful to all of you for the way you received the music and the artists in both the […]