Europalia, Brussels

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Date(s) - 2013, Nov 29
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels

Sandeep Das’ career began at the age of eight. Virtuoso player of the tabla, he was only sixteen years old when he accompanied Ravi Shankar, the first in a long line of great Indian names with whom he has collaborated ever since. Awarded many times, he does not limit his career to music and is involved in cultural and educational projects. Das is one of the protagonists of the Silk Road Project, an ensemble of musicians created under the impetus of Yo-Yo Ma, to explore exchanges between world cultures and music. Based on this experience, Das founded the HUM Ensemble (Harmony and Universality through Music) in 2009, bringing together several great names from the music world around a common project: to promote understanding between different peoples through music and musical training. Europalia.india offers the public a rare opportunity to attend a concert by this ensemble.

In this event, Hum shall interact with the Fanfakids.

Europalia International

Europalia is a major international arts festival held every two years to celebrate one invited country’s cultural heritage. Since 1969, Europalia has organised some twenty-two festivals. Each has turned the spotlight on one culture in a comprehensive programme of music, fine arts, photography, cinema, theatre, dance, literature, architecture, design, fashion, gastronomy…

For its 24th biennial, Europalia International brought India to the heart of Europe. During 4 months we have been able to discover this mysterious and fascinating country, where different cultures meet, interact and bring about a unique creativity.
europalia.india translated India’s immense cultural wealth into a multidisciplinary programme comprising exhibitions, concerts, dance and theatre performances, conferences, cinema and literature events.

Under the High Patronage of the President of the Indian Republic Pranab Mukherjee and His Majesty the King of the Belgians.

509 events: 30 exhibitions, 97 concerts, 32 dance performances, 24 theatrical performances, 136 film screenings, 29 literary events and 161 lectures, workshops and events in libraries and universities. The festival attracted 837,000 visitors

Musicians: Sandeep Das, tabla – Mayank Raina, flute & sitar – Anil Chawla, keyboard – Saurabh Suman , bass guitar – Amit Sharma , vocal – Suhail Yusuf Khan, sarangi & vocal – Rajib Das, percussion

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