Social Cause

Two things that are passionately on HUM’s agenda: Health Insurance for Ageing or Aged Artists and a National Scholarship for Differently Abled Children in the Arts. HUM believes that the Power of We, that is the collective efforts of people, can make a difference.

HUM-LANXESS National Scholarship For The Specially-Abled

HUM, like LANXESS, also believes what is good for society, in return will be good for any business too. It’s Creative Director, Sandeep Das, strongly believes that the time has come not only to be socially entrepreneurial but be culturally entrepreneurial. The scholarship is called HUM-LANXESS National Scholarship For The Specially-abled in The Field of Arts.

HUM is already working with 3 visually impaired children. Two have even performed with the visiting International stars in Delhi ( 2010 & 11), Kolkata (2010) and Mumbai (2011).

The scholarship aims to provide education in any genre of arts to differently-abled children for a period of five years. The scholars are provided with tuition fees for the guru, transportation costs for attending classes, funds for buying books, instruments, study/practice material. We go a step further, and engage highly-qualified and experienced gurus, who can guide the children in pursuing arts in their lives and careers. The programme is the brain-child of HUM’s Creative Director, Sandeep Das. The eminent and versatile singer, Shubha Mudgal, is our adviser

HUM and Lanxess support three visually impaired children


At present, his scholarship has been awarded to three visually impaired children to pursue education in field of music.

Abhishek Bhola, Pt. Kishan Maharaj Fellow of the Arts
Palak Sharma, Yo-Yo Ma Fellow of the Arts
Shweta Singh, Kashinath Dass Fellow of the Arts

We are presently looking for sponsorship to award scholarships for a few more promising talented kids we have identified.

Health Insurance

Very few people realize that most of our maestros when they were young and creative did not have any access to even the idea of health insurance.
Why? Because, there was no such thing in India.

Everyone clearly remembers the brouhaha when the Late Ustad Bismillah Khan appeared on National T.V. to announce to the world that he does not have money to pay for his treatment. What was done was a one off solution…people rushed in with support for him. But what about the many other Bismillah Khans who do not have even the resource to appear on National T.V. or rather prefer to suffer in solitude with their dignity intact????

That is where HUM wants to step in and find a permanent solution to stop such repeats or suffering.There are many National and International award winning artists in every genre of art who would be benefited immensely if HUM can get your support to be able to give out a premium paid Insurance to artists every year.

HUM proposes that any and every Indian maestro from any genre of art, who financially is not able to fend for one’s own self should be given a complete premium paid Insurance policy, which covers for all, and every health related needs!



These are goals not at all unachievable but if achieved…a very big step forward! Please join hands and help HUM serve those who have served you, me and India and also help prepare the generation next!!!

HUM is registered under the societies act and has also the benefits of 80-G tax exemptions to donors.