Why Hum

As the world passes through a turbulent phase with rising intolerance, violence, terrorism and divisions among human beings, the one unifying force that can heal the world is truly Music. The seven notes of music have a universal appeal about them and transcend all the false borders that separate us.

It is this enormous power of music that inspired the Grammy award nominated Tabla Maestro Sandeep Das to bring together top-notch artists from different parts of the globe in a unique collaboration. Thus was born ‘HUM’ –an organization that strives for Harmony and Universality through the idiom of Music. Sandeep’s collaboration with the celebrated Cellist of international repute, Yo Yo Ma on the famed ‘Silk Road Ensemble’ for the last 10 years spurred him to create HUM and ‘bring the world back to India…’

In his own words:

Having performed and composed music for Yo Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble and having had the added experience of performing and composing for 19 years with the best of artists that India has produced, I felt it is time I did something to carry forward Yo Yo Ma’s unique idea of connecting the world’s neighbourhoods again— through music and other art forms. I strongly believe that in current times one cannot live insulated lives anymore and the more we care about and share one another’s treasures, the better it is.’


Activities planned and achieved:

HUM’ has envisioned the creation of a common platform in India for artists of the highest caliber from across the world to share their music, tradition and heritage and facilitate an interaction among them. It hopes to showcase excellence in ‘Global Music’ to discerning audiences across various cities of India through concert presentations.

‘HUM’, in collaboration with LANXESS, is now sponsoring 3 visually impaired children to learn music. Two girls are learning vocal and one boy is learning Tabla. This is the HUM-LANXESS National Scholarship, that would be open to specially abled children pursuing any genre of art from anywhere in the country.
Another aspect that HUM wants to be involved very passionately is a “Health Insurance ” plan for old artists of any genre.

A fulfillment of these humble objectives was through The World Premier Concert of the collaboration on the 7th of March 2010 @ Kamani Auditorium, New Delhi. And on the 10th of March @ Birla Sabhagar, Kolkata.This maiden concert brought Sandeep Das and his group of young Indian musicians together with internationally acclaimed musicians from various countries namely Spain, China & The United States of America.

These maiden concert were followed by Rhythm of Life concerts at Siri Fort audi in New Delhi and Nehru Centre in Mumbai, in 2011 . And then World Harmony Concert in New Delhi, in 2012

Thereafter, the ensemble was invited to perform at the prestigious Europalia Festival in Brussels.

In January 2015, we held World Music Concert, at Satya Sai Auditorium, Delhi. The concert featured Syrian artist Kinan Azmeh and vocal-duo of Ritesh & Rajnish Mishra. This was also the debut concert of Hum-Lanxess scholars.
Some other activities happening on an on-going basis thereafter:

  • Conduct workshops for young students of music and give them an opportunity to perform with musicians from various countries. This would both inspire and involve young minds from India and introduce them to the nuances of music from various countries.
  • Offer a helping hand to ageing artists who have no financial source of support for medical facilities.
  • Have Residencies where these artists could work, live and interact with students on a real time basis in several leading educational institutions of India.
  • Provide scholarships, awards and performance opportunities for young talents.
  • Take the ensemble to other countries so that in future these young artists continue to enrich the world with what they have learnt.
  • Conduct corporate workshops to share the experiences and challenges of cross-cultural collaboration and team-building.
  • Involve specially-abled and underprivileged children of India; expose them to the richness of this music and provide the talented among them opportunities to perform with these internationally acclaimed artists after suitable training.



An ensemble of world musicians

An ensemble of world musicianshttp://www.deccanherald.com/content/293007/an-ensemble-world-musicians.htmlThe unique collaboration of foreign and young Indian musicians to preserve genu­i­n­ely good music, presented before the audience a unique concert which undoubtedly will remain etched in memory for a long time to come. Leaving the audience spellbound with their performances, the ‘Hum Ensemble’ tour was successful in creating magic by introducing three star musicians Josep Vicent, Anxo Pintos and Matt Herskowitzz along with a woman bagpiper Cristina Pato.

Deccan Herald on World Harmony Concert 2012Deccan Herald

I love the title HUM because, not only does it mean “we” in Hindi, but it describes what Sandeep does when he plays the tabla – he makes the tabla talk, sing, and hum! I am so happy and grateful that Sandeep has created this initiative. With his great communication skills, his artistry, and his humility, as Sandeep spreads harmony through music he will also be spreading the great values that creative collaboration brings.

Yo-Yo Ma, Renowned Cellist

Cross cultural collaborations featuring Indian music and Indian musicians are not new. But it must be mentioned that most of these collaborations are initiated by non Indian musicians curious to explore the complex music systems of India. HUM, initiated by tabla player and composer Sandeep Das therefore comes as a welcome change wherein an Indian musician steers and anchors a cross cultural music project. As a student of music and an avid listener, I look forward eagerly to the many sounds, compositions and musical experiences that HUM will bring to India shortly.

Shubha Mudgal, Renowned Vocalist

Crossover melody - Times Of India

Crossover melody – Times Of Indiahttp://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2012-11-21/delhi/35227026_1_crossover-tabla-hurdy-gurdyFor World Harmony 2012, the HUM ensemble performed in Delhi recently. Tabla maestro Sandeep Das, the brainchild behind this event, told us, “This is our third event in India and like every year,…

Times of India on World Harmony Concert, November 2012Times of India

Sandeep Das in Pune TimesThe man to have made it to Grammy List is young tabla player Sandeep Das. He features as one of the four soloists in the band Silk Route Ensemble’s album Off The Map that has received nomination in the category of the Best Classical Crossover. In the nominated offering, Das steers the course of a composition titled Sulva Sutra, a piece that seeks to show how cosmic particles come together in the Big Bang.

Sandeep Das in Pune TimesTimes of India

Musical Trades on the Modern Silk Road » SPAN November/December 2010

Musical Trades on the Modern Silk Road » SPAN November/December 2010http://span.state.gov/nov-dec2010/eng/56-tabla-achiever.htmlThe first stop on this wider journey occurred in 2001, when he joined American cellist Yo-Yo Ma and his Silk Road Ensemble in collaboration with The New York Philharmonic…

SPAN on Sandeep Das & HUMSPAN, US Embassy

‘HUM’ is humming with its music today all over. It has once again proved that music hath only one language, combining all of us together.

Padmabhushan Pt. Debu Chaudhary, Sitar Maestro

My wife and I would describe HUM as pure magic, getting transformed into another world of peace and thrill. The variety and internationalization of music of HUM is amazingly synchronized specially with the Indian instruments. Specially Sandeep’s repertoire and expertise on tabla is such a great experience to sit through. I hope you will continue to make us part of your journey and innovation in music.

Arun Pandeya Country HeadAir Canada

I admire HUM’s aim to make a positive change in society through its support for visually impaired children and providing health benifits for artists of yore. The best part of HUM is its international mix of artists and that it doesn’t limit itself to a particular country. Entice has been a part of HUM revolution in India for past two years and are fascinated by the amount of response it has received over here. One day we together would be able to make a difference to the world.

Sanjay KothariManaging DirectorENTICE, A diamond and jewellery brand of KGK group

Come! Join hands and make HUM the power of WE!